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Available for: iOS and Android

Your whole itinerary. Today and the next 60 tomorrows.Whenever you add a location to appointments in your calendar, TimesUpp automatically calculates travel times for you. View your whole itinerary up to 60 days in the future – TimesUpp is the only app that does that!


Available for: iOS / Android

Do you want to know how fast you are allowed to drive in the Netherlands? Use MAXS while driving on the Dutch highways and you will know the speed limit that is allowed.The Dutch rules on speed limits are very complex, some speed limits change depending on the time of day. MAXS is a very smart and knows all the complex rules. It saves you money on speeding fines, helping you drive safely and more relaxed. In case you are driving fast then the allowed speedlimit MAXS will tell you what the speeding penalty would be (if you would get caught). 

SkyTeam Route-map

Available for: Online

The SkyTeam Route-map, created by Innovactory, has been uniquely designed to offer you a 3D view of the SkyTeam network across the globe, from where you are or want to depart from. The Route-map finds and displays the most convenient and ideal flight options to your final destination as offered by the 20 SkyTeam member airlines.


On the MOVE

Available for: iOS / Android

Rest, fresh outside air and movement. This is something everybody wants. The reality is often very different. Are you often trapped in traffic jams with all the frustration that it brings? Do you find yourself pressed for time to exercise or to go out and enjoy the outdoors and would you like to? Or are you already cycling and would like to keep doing so? Join Innovactory on the Move and earn gifts or cash


Available for: POC

Navicuate is een crisis informatie- en evacuatie systeem wat gebruik maakt van een smartphone applicatie om burgers te informeren en instrueren. De App geeft duidelijke locatie afhankelijke vlucht informatie voor en tijdens een overstroming. Gebruikers kunnen proactief geïnformeerd worden over de risico’s en consequenties van een grote overstroming in het gebied waar zij wonen. Navicuate informeert welke stappen men, tijdens een crisis, moet nemen. Indien noodzakelijk geeft het heldere vlucht instructies